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Sabine anchored in the lee of Dunstaffnage castle

Leaving bad weather astern in Sound of Mull

Better weather ahead

The front at Tobermory


Sabine at anchor on Loch Drombuie

Looking up Loch Drombuie from high ground. The mast of the only other yacht in the Loch is just visible in the middle distance on the left

The shoreline in Galmisdale bay, Eigg with the Sgur in the background

Basalt cliffs on the East coast of Eigg

The disused Catholic Church on Sanday, an Island on the South side of  Canna which is separated  by a narrow drying channel and connected  by a footbridge.   It is the bay between the two islands which forms the harbour

The Talsiker distillery at the head of Loch Harport Isle of Skye I never did get to go round and sample a dram


McLeods Maidens guarding the entrance to Loch Bracadale Isle of Skye

The Lighthouse on Neist Point Isle of Skye

The village centre at Uig  isle of Skye

Sabine moored at Uig

The rocky shoreline at Acarseid Mhor, Isle of Rona

The old schoolhouse on Rona which was renovated ten or twelve years ago and now one family lives on the island. See the heron on the shore

Beating down the Sound of Raasey with the wind vane doing the work

A Black house ruin on An Aird, a headland in the Sound of Raasey which creates the 'Narrows'

Sabine anchored off An Aird

Malaig harbour

Sabine back in Tobermory Harbour

Douglas head and lighthouse I.o.M.

Sabine in Laxey Harbour looking up the harbour. The inner harbour which is full with local boats is round the end of the wall to Port

Laxey looking down the harbour

Sabine on the waiting pontoon at Douglas

Sabine rafted up at Port St. mary

Looking north from a headland south of Port St.Mary langness lighthouse is just visible as a speck on the distant headland

Another view from the headland



Port St. Mary harbour showing the inner drying harbour which is mostly  used by local boats

Sabine moored in the river bed in Cemaes harbour . Anglessey  Very sheltered in the harbour but plenty of wind outside

A view up the river bed at Cemaes. The main moorings are off to the right

Sabine on the beach behind  Abermenai Point   See how the flags and burgees are blowing

 A good shot of Caernarfon Castle from the opposite side of the harbour   See how  the flags on the castle are blowing in the wind

This is Seagull no. 131 which has been owned by John Boon of Preston for about 8 years.  He hasn't done much with her up to now as work and an Ian Proctor designed Nimrod 18 which he keeps on Windermere have kept him busy.   I took the pic yesterday when John took me to look at her. The previous owner had kept her very well maintained and the only work needed is cosmetic, so now that John has the time another Seagull should soon be sailing again.

This good news was offset by a letter also received yestarday to tell me  about a Seagull that had been burnt  because the owner couldn't make the necessary repairs.


Tim Pullen has just sent the following pics of Seamew no. 71. 'TOMTEN' built in the  1960's by his parents who were both skilled




Here she is having just been moved out of the shed in which she was built

Here she is rolled on to her starboard side ready to fit the keel

This is the other sideshowing the cockpit layout and the open main hatch

Here she is mounted on the trailer and the sails being fitted

Launching day has arrived

Nearly afloat

And finally here is TOMTEN under sail a couple of years later

The following photos are of the Seamew  Zephya which was bought by Paul Gregory last year.  The first photos show the boat as she arrived.   Looks like the previous owner had made a start with stripping the cabin.  The boat is basically sound with just a bit of rot at the bottom of the mast which is being repaired with  scarf joints.

The next two photos are of racing sculls that have been scarfed, showing  what can be achieved with scarfs.











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